Life is a Journey: Design Your Journey

Life is a beautiful journey that takes us places we haven’t imagined. We may not know our path in life, and sometimes it gets out of our control. Take control of what you can control in your journey and take it where you want it to go.

Your Journey

Life is a beautiful journey. We may make mistakes but as a wonderful friend once reminded me we can forgive ourselves and move on to better things. This is your journey no one else’s and you only get one so make the most of it. Don’t let life happen to you. Sometimes we get caught up in every day living and life just happens. We look at our life and maybe we’re genuinely happy and maybe not. Happiness is meant for everyone. Don’t settle for a life you’re not totally fulfilled with. Family, career, relationships, money, health. All really important things that we need to work on on a daily basis. Your potential has no limits only the limits you place on it. Working every day to become a better version of yourself and working on these areas of your life will help them flourish. We can’t leave them to chance. Some things are out of our control granted, but we can at least steer the boat during good weather and bad. We may have to veer off course for a bit but we will eventually make it to where we want to go. We have to be ready for the bad weather and know how to steer our own boat. If we let it steer itself, well you can imagine where it will end up. Life has so much to offer and each of us deserves to have it all. You can have it all which doesn’t always mean getting everything you want. There is a divine hand in getting what we need to put us on the right path. Because we don’t have control of everything that happens to us it’s so important to take control of what we can (the steering wheel). Everything that happens to us has meaning. It is meant to teach us something, help us grow, change us, make us better. Sometimes bad things happen give yourself that it’s not your fault. Taking the positive out of situations and moving forward stronger than you were will give you more peace. Change is not a bad thing. We learn, adapt, and grow.

Plan Your Journey

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin is quite meaningful. Also a similar quote from Sir Winston Churchill, ” “Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” If you want your life to be better it takes action and not random action but deliberate, thoughtful action. You can plan for the long term, short term or just for today. Don’t dwell on the past there is nothing you can do about it, learn from it and move forward better than you were. Focus on the now and what you are going to do now to make tomorrow better than today. Remember the tortoise won the race. Some of our dreams and goals can seem overwhelming and maybe even unattainable but little steps will get you to where you’re meant to be. Our plans may even change along the way with self discovery, self awareness, and self confidence. But taking the time to plan your actions to reach your goals and realize your dreams is imperative.

Consider Getting Help

A life coach is someone who motivates and collaborates with people to help them realize their most cherished dreams by uncovering one’s most cherished dreams and goals and helping establish action steps to get there, and also holding one accountable for those action steps. If you feel stuck and not sure what actions to take in a certain aspect of your life, or if you just want more out of life and you’re not sure how to get there a life coach can coach you on your journey to find the right path for you so you fulfill your dreams. I can help guide you to get you to a place of joy, peacefulness, and happiness. I can help you steer the boat. Design your own, unique, wonderful journey. Call for a free 15 minute consultation. 631-651-1101.

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