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Do you want to better yourself in one area or all areas of your life? Do you want to get unstuck and design your life based on a new improved life vision that takes into account your authentic values, desires, goals, personality, priorities and dreams? Do you want to live a more conscious, intentional, goal directed, visionary life where you realize your most cherished, deep desires as well as true meaning, purpose, contribution and fulfillment? We all have greatness in us its just a matter of bringing that greatness out. So many people live their lives without reaching their potential and that is fine if it is fine with them. But if it’s not fine with you, join me on an amazing personal growth journey that will open your eyes to all the beauty the world has to offer and a life that encompasses all that beauty. You will live a life of beauty, growth, progress, prosperity, gratitude, joy and happiness.

Personal Growth

Personal growth affects all areas of your life and focuses on becoming the person you aspire to be. Personal growth entails a way of life where everything is a lesson and we can learn and grow from all our experiences and become smarter emotionally, and cognitively, in addition to becoming more compassionate, empathetic, kind people. When we grow personally, we develop more awareness of ourselves, our thoughts and feelings. We become more in control of our experiences and responses instead of reacting in the moment. We’re not just talking about reaching our goals but making sure our goals will lead to increasing our happiness along the way. If you are ready to commit to the personal growth journey, I am here to guide you on this path. Please reach out and contact me. I look forward to chatting and seeing if we’re a good fit for each other.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is life coaching that helps people find fulfillment in their personal and professional relationships. As a relationship coach I will help you set relationship goals, prepare for future relationships, understand your current relationships, thrive inside your current relationships, grieve a lost loved-one, or take your long-term relationship to the next level. Coaching helps individuals release their own painful thoughts and create a relationship vision. If you’re having relationship troubles, I can help clear up unhealthy thinking patterns, get some perspective, or set inspiring goals in order to get what you want out of your relationships. A healthy relationship requires the appropriate interpersonal skills and attitudes to build and maintain a lasting connection. I can help clients identify areas of interpersonal awareness and growth and improve your mindset and communication skills. Our relationships are some of the most important parts of our lives. To thrive in your relationships will help your overall life thrive and you can attain a level of happiness never experienced before.

About Me

I aid my clients in achieving better relationships, health, careers, and more satisfying day to day lives, helping them gain greater satisfaction and fulfillment. We will clarify your goals and ambitions and set plans for them to be realized. During your sessions we will identify any obstacles that may set you back and give you tools to motivate you and keep you on track. I am focused on my clients success, whatever they define that to be for them. This is their life they are the creator of their life and the captain of their ship. I simply help steer the ship onto the right path and maintain the correct trajectory for success and growth. I help transform hearts and minds so individuals can grow into their greatness!

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I would be honored if you chose me as your life coach. All queries are replied within 24hrs.

Jayne Roberts Coaching

Who Needs a Life Coach

A Holistic Approach

Coaching is not counseling or therapy or advice giving.
Coaches are hired for specific goals.

You could benefit from coaching if you suffer from:
– Stress and anxiety
– A real need for change but no direction
– Dissatisfied with work
– Lack of motivation
– A feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope
– A longing to break bad habits
– An unfulfilling social life
– A need to regain control of your life
– Negative self-talk
– You want to grow

Life Coaching

Whatever you want to change in your life, the process is the same. I am here to guide you on your journey. Together we will identify your core values, address any limitations, and craft a tailored action plan to propel you forward. I’ll keep you accountable for taking actions aligned with your vision for your life. Life Coaching gives a fresh perspective on situations, helps to break negative patterns. Through Life Coaching you will realize you have the power to make any change you desire and have the life you want. We create our lives through the choices we make, the actions we take, and the words we use to communicate. Life Coaching is future focused unlike therapy where past histories are examined to determine a current situation. Coaching always looks to the future and how life can be changed and improved today for future success. We will develop new habits, belief systems and change unhelpful thinking. During your sessions we will identify any obstacles that may set you back and give you tools to motivate you and keep you on track.

“If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you” – Fred Devito

Some of the Benefits You Will
Receive From Life Coaching

1. Better Relationships
2. Improved Confidence
3. Greater Work/Life Balance
4. Renewed Energy and Enthusiasm for Life
5. New Passion and Drive for Work
6. Greater Financial Security
7. Better Emotional and Physical Well-Being
8. Define a Clear Sense of Purpose in Your Life
9. Become More Mindful in Your Approach to Life
10. Helps Organize and Set Goals
11. Stay Motivated and on Track
12. More Accountable for Things you Want to Change 
13. New Perspectives and Insights
14. Overcome Negative Thinking and Other Obstacles
15. Overcome Stress and Anxiety
16. Re-Examine Your Deeply Held Beliefs
17. Find Ways to do What you Love
18. Overcome Your Fears
19. Replace Bad Habits with Good Habits
20. Helps You Become Your Best Self
21. Learn Kind Communication
22. Establish a Growth Mindset
23. Increase Positive Behavior
24. Identify and Adjust Limiting Beliefs
25. Build Positive Emotions and Experiences

What to Expect from a Session

I will partner with you to cocreate a purposeful, meaningful life. I will:

– Question you to think deeply to get to the core of what is going on
– Challenge your thoughts and ideas so you commit to those that serve your happiness and modify those that don’t
– Uncover your Purpose and Passions so you can live a meaningful, fulfilling life with a vision for happiness
– Transform obstacles and challenges into opportunities for growth
– Help you become the person you want to be, better than you are today
– Make personal growth a mindset so you continuously grow and attain the growth and
fulfillment you want

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