Life Skills

Life Skills are designed to teach social and behavioral skills that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands of everyday life.

– Creative thinking,
– Problem-solving
– Communication
– Healthy relationships
– Conflict resolution
– Personal awareness
– Managing emotions
– Stress management

Self Development

The process of learning new things and skills that help us increase our chances of success of achieving our goals and potential and manifesting our dreams.

– Mental
– Social
– Spiritual
– Emotional
– Physical

Self Love

The state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Self love means having a high regard for your own well being and happiness. It is not arrogance you do not feel better than anyone else just as worthy. Related to self worth, self esteem, self compassion, and self confidence. Self love comes from within not externally.

– talking to and about yourself with love
– prioritizing yourself
– giving yourself a break from self judgement
– trusting yourself
– being true to yourself
– being kind to yourself
– setting healthy boundaries
– forgiving yourself

Positive Attitude

The belief that individuals want to live lives that are fulfilling, and in order to do that they cultivate positive attitudes, address areas of concern, and build upon their strengths.

– Positive attitude
– Balance between negative and positive thoughts and emotions
– Growth mindset
– Positive world view
– Positive self image
– Gratitude

Passion for Life

Passion is a powerful force. It has the power to change you from someone who is merely existing to someone who is captivated with life.

– Vision
– Gratitude
– Motivation
– Strong Purpose
– Make a Difference
– Opportunity in Adversity
– Self Awareness

Goal Setting/Action Plans

The process of thinking about and deciding on specific aims or objectives that one would like to achieve. Setting goals gives us long term vision and short term motivation. We then create action plans to reach our goals. Action plans are the process of taking active steps to achieve our desired outcome.

– Life Goals
– Work Goals
– Financial Goals
– Relationship Goals
– Social Goals
– Spiritual Goals

Life Coaching

Self Awareness

Levels of consciousness where we are engaged with our internal and introspective self as well as our external self. Being mindful of our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.

– Feelings
– Thoughts
– Emotions
– Physical Manifestations
– Behaviors
– Actions/Reactions

Balanced Living

Achieving optimal health in all areas of life. Balanced living means paying attention and care to all aspects of ones life and achieving balance.

– Relationships
– Work
– Fitness
– Health
– Emotional Happiness
– Spiritual

Coping Skills

Coping strategies are the behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that you use to adjust to the changes that
occur in your life.

– Humor
– Support
– Relaxation
– Recreation
– Venting

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