Live Your Passions

What do you want to accomplish in life? Who are you meant to be? What gives you meaning and purpose? Where do you want to be in 5 years from now? How are you going to get there?

These are some questions you should seriously answer if you want to live your passions. Life is short although it can seem long when we’re not living our passions. There are several reasons we don’t live our passions. You may not know what your passions are. At the end of this article there are some resources to help you find your passions. Also you can ask yourself these few questions:

  • What subject could I read 500 books without getting bored?

  • What could I do for 5 years straight without getting paid?

  • What would I spend my life doing if I had complete financial security?

  • What do I google about often?

Living our passions makes life more joyful and less stressful. Don’t presume your passion should be your job either. Doing what we love for a living is a gift and takes courage and self awareness. But there is also joy in living our passions outside our job. During your free time filling your life with meaningful and passionate activities makes for a more balanced happy life.

Do you remember what you loved to do as a child. You can take aspects of those activities and find things to do as an adult and you’ll probably still enjoy doing those things. When you were free of responsibility you did what you wanted to do not what you had to do so remember what you did when you didn’t have as much responsibility.

Find things you are mediocre at. You don’t have to have this great gift to live your passions. A few things you’re mediocre at combined together can lead to your passions. Work out what you hate doing and eliminate them from your life if possible or just minimize them. There’s nothing worse than doing things we hate.

Living your passions not only increases your joy but also helps build a healthier life. These are some effects of living your passions:

  • Increased self confidence

  • Lower stress levels

  • Fulfillment in your work

  • Mastery of work life balance

  • Fewer regrets

  • Personal growth

  • Positive attraction

  • Expansion of your comfort zone

  • Being grateful

  • Reconnecting with your inner self

  • Being a kinder person

  • Becoming more creative

  • Conquering your fears

  • A positive attitude

Believe in yourself that you can live your passions and that you deserve to. It’s going to take work but you’ll find lasting fulfillment. Recognize opportunities that allow you to live your passions and say “YES”. Invest in yourself. There is no other investment that pays off more than that. Take time for yourself, spend money getting clear on your life’s purpose, and put in the work to accomplish your dreams. Be accountable to yourself.

There are 86,400 seconds each day. Use them to their fullest. Don’t get caught up wasting your time on things that don’t matter. Create the right environment for your success. The people, places and situations you surround yourself with are very important. Surround yourself with positive, rewarding people, places and situations.

Take responsibility for your life and be willing to make mistakes. Stop blaming other people. No one is responsible for the choices you make and the life you lead besides you. Be kind to yourself. You will make mistakes but there is no better teacher than failure. Learn from your mistakes and become a better person. Live your passions!


Jayne Schwarz CPC

Certified Professional Life Coach


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